Jason S. Wilkerson
Jason Wilkerson served in the US Army and the US Navy while serving in Iraqi Freedom.
In 2013 Jason Wilkerson decided to give back the Veterans, by starting Project Outdoors sharing his passion for the Great Outdoors.

With seeing horrible outcomes of other non-profits, I was convinced that I could improve on those experiences.  With that conviction and zero outside startup dollars, Project Outdoors was established in 2014.  While we have obtained our Federal 501(c)(3) and our State Exemption status in 2014 as well.

While we all have sat back and looked at the outrageous administrative cost of other organizations. Project Outdoors has pledged from President to a Helping Hand that they will in NO WAY receive any money or product from Project Outdoors as my Promise to you.  All work is done as Volunteers and 100% of all Monies or Product received will go straight our Veterans. 



Kevin D. Crady
First off, Thank you all for visiting our website and taking the time to see who we are and what we are about!  Now a little about myself. I came on board with Project Outdoors in the Summer of 2016 after watching Jason’s extreme passion for helping his fellow Veterans. I knew at that point that I wanted to go all hands on deck to help those that have served to allow my family a safe and secure country to live in. This is a way I can give back to them and their families.

I have an extreme passion for the Outdoors and to be able to share that by providing our Nations Heroes with the same experience is second to none. As Jason stated already, every dime we raise thru fundraisers and donations goes straight to our mission. To be able to provide the outdoor experience at no cost to our veterans and their families.   



Robbi R. Grubbs
I met Jason Wilkerson in 2016.  I soon realized I was dealing with one of the most generous, sincere people on the planet—friend for life.  His message was clear: Give back to those who have sacrificed.  I was hooked. 

I was asked to help Project Outdoors as a financial officer (I was honored).   My goal is to take my business skillset, put in the time and turn Project Outdoors into a power-house organization.  A team effort will build a structured process giving us the ability to place our nation’s best on the most memorable adventures.

What’s in it for me?

I get to run my businesses, raise my kids and do all the things I enjoy in a country that is protected by those who have served.  I get to appreciate what I have and say thanks to the men and women who protect it.